Tanya Dickson: Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties in the Classroom

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"Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties in the Classroom ‘If students don’t learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn. Sometimes those ways that they learn require us to change the way in which we teach.’ (Tate, 2004)

Many students with learning differences experience memory, processing, language and concentration difficulties. Often these challenges are ‘invisible’. This workshop will outline specific and practical strategies that teachers, education assistants and parents can use to support learners across the curriculum to decrease student’s anxiety levels and to increase feelings of self esteem, autonomous learning and individual success!

Having taught students experiencing learning differences for many years in various countries, Tanya observed a pattern in the student’s strengths, areas of difficulty, the strategies they responded to best and the progress they made in their learning across the curriculum. The result .......... a specific ‘Learning Toolkit’ that is individualised, simple and easy for students, teachers, assistants and parents to integrate in their day to day work at school and home. The workshop will focus on all types of learning difficulties, a ‘Toolkit’ of effective strategies to support students who learn differently across the curriculum to ensure they reach their individual potential with minimal stress and maximum confidence!

Tanya Dickson

Tanya Dickson is a Mainstream and Special Education teacher, consultant, lecturer and presenter with many years of experience working in Australia, the UK, Middle East and China. She has been privileged to work with students of various ages, their teachers and families across different cultures and educational systems – both in the classroom and as a Learning Support Specialist. Tanya has also held numerous management and leadership roles and is currently self employed as an author, education consultant and professional development facilitator for Inclusive Learning. Currently working as the Learning Support Co-ordinator at an international school in Hong Kong, sharing information and strategies to support individuals who learn differently is her greatest professional passion. Her book, ‘Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties: Why some people learn differently and effective strategies to help them’ is available as a paperback and eBook via online book outlets. "