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International Film Festival for filmmakers by filmmakers with over 1800 submissions, 68 films, 6 blocks, 12 hours of film, Hong Kong premieres.

Animation, It's not Disney 6:30PM (DAY 1)

Illusion of motion from around the world. Hand drawn, stop motion, 2D and 3D we have got it all.

The Realm of the Senses 9:00PM (DAY 1)

Datamoshing, anti-animation, coincidental juxtapositions, neo-abstraction, virtual sculptures, moving paintings, stories of subversion, celebrations of the human body and gender bending.

Animatinee (12:00PM DAY 2 and 11:00AM DAY 3)

Most of the films from the animation block minus the naughty bits curated for families with children.

Fairytales & Dystopia 6:30PM (DAY 2)

A seductive Red Riding Hood, a raunchy Geppetto, a Hong Kong armageddon topped off with some straight up Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The Darkness 9:00PM (DAY 2)

Tales from the twilight, inhabited by hitmen, lovers, gangsters, spirit mediums, morticians in drag and people of the night.

The Hong Kong Collection 1:00PM (DAY 3)

Amazing films from the official selection from local Hong Kong filmmakers.

Food, Family, Kids, Parents 4:00PM (DAY 3)

Familiar stories we can all relate to.

Love & Confusion 6:30PM (Day 3)

Stories about relationships in various forms and stages ranging from sweet to bitter.