The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

A world of ice, snow and stone.

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Under the backdrop of 1940s England, four young children are sent away to the country to escape the horrors of the blitz. However, what they find is far different from the calm and tranquil countryside landscape they expected, as they are soon thrust into a war of a very different kind; a mystical battle to fulfill a prophecy, rescue their friends, and determine the fate of the hidden realm of Narnia. Come with us as we walk through the wardrobe into a whole new world, in which the utilitarian regime of an icy Queen of Narnia threatens to maintain a perpetual winter, and turn its residents into stone! But all is not lost; whispers of a mysterious name can be heard on the wind as the rumours of the return of the true king of Narnia spread through the frost and cold. Who is this mysterious Aslan, and will he come in time to save our heroes in this seasonal clash of myth and magic.Join Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy on their epic quest to overthrow the pretender queen, and waken the enlivening spring!