OC2S presents: The Marías - Live in Hong Kong

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OC2S presents: The Marías - debut live in Hong Kong
Puerto Rican bred and Atlanta raised María and Josh Conway have been releasing soothing psychedelic Soul music to their audience, since 2016. The couple compose, write and produce their songs along with close friends, Jesse Perlman (Electric Guitar), Edward James (Drums) and Gabe Steiner (Trumpet).

The vastly diverse cultural and musical backgrounds of María and Conway create a dreamlike fusion of jazz, soul and psychedelia through their melodic
and sophisticated guitar melodies, that are occasionally flavoured with a rich, soul-esque trumpet solo.

María’s vocals are velvety and hypnotic, as shown on their acclaimed EPs “Superclean Vol.I” and “Vol.II”, transcending time and transporting her listeners to the “Roaring 20’s” of Hollywood. Don't miss their live debut in Hong Kong! OC2S presents: The Marías live in Hong Kong

Date: 14 NOV 2019 (Thu)
Venue: This Town Needs
Advance: HKD 380/ Door: HKD450
Ticketing: On sale 10am 30 September (MON) from tickcats.co/ / ticketflap.com/
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