Garron Chiu: Yellow Privilege

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Garron Chiu’s headliner ‘Yellow Privilege’ this weekend is SOLD OUT. We’re adding a third show 7pm Fri. Tickets are on sale and going fast. Grab yours now!

American born standup comedian @iamgarron is bringin’ his show 'Yellow Privilege' to The Riff.

As seen on Comedy Central Asia, Chiu is a mainstay in the #HongKong comedy scene, and was a winner of the HK International Comedy Competition 2018. On stage you will find him trying to justify his huge ego, talk about his myriad of doomed relationships and his one that actually worked, and try to figure out whether he is too Asian or not Asian enough. All this while failing to run from his stereotypes and making people laugh along the way. Oh, and he rocks the most amazing eyebrows ever. 

Advance tickets on sale now!