The Super 8: Macau Basketball Invitational

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Hong Kong – (September 1, 2017) Days after announcing FIBA recognition, The Super 8 announced their lineup of eight of Asia’s greatest club basketball teams. Champion contender teams from China, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei meet up to represent their teams at Studio City Macau September 20 to 24.

Participating teams include - - -


Group A:

  • Goyang Orion Orions (Korea KBL)
  • Pauian Archiland (Taiwan SBL)
  • Ryukyu Golden Kings (Japan B League)
  • Shenzhen Leopard (China CBA)


Group B:

  • Chiba Jets 
(Japan B League)
  • Fubon Braves 
(Taiwan SBL)
  • Samsung Thunders 
(Korea KBL)
  • Zhejiang Guangsha Lions 
(China CBA)


Each group will play three round-robin games. The best two teams from each group will advance to the top four, which will play the following day in a winner-takes-all semi-finals and finals.

“The Super 8 is a formidable grouping of some of Asia’s strongest club teams,” says The Super 8 CEO Matt Beyer. “We are excited to be witness to a war zone of passionate basketball next month descending upon Macau for a very special event.”

For live broadcasts of The Super 8, please stay tuned for our next media release regarding our broadcast partners. We are broadcasting in all markets with participating teams, as well as various geographies across the globe via traditional TV and digital channels.



Group Stage Game Schedule:


3 P.M.

5 P.M.

7:30 P.M.

9:30 P.M.


Goyang Orion Orions Vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings

Samsung Thunders Vs. Fubon Braves

Zhejiang Lions Vs. Chiba Jets

Shenzhen Leopard Vs. Pauian Archiland


Chiba Jets Vs. Fubon Braves

Ryukyu Golden Kings Vs.

Pauian Archiland

Samsung Thunders Vs. Zhejiang Lions

Goyang Orion Orions Vs. Shenzhen Leopard


Chiba Jets Vs. Samsung Thunders

Goyang Orion Orions Vs.

Pauian Archiland

Shenzhen Leopard Vs. Fubon Braves

Ryukyu Golden Kings Vs. Zhejiang Lions



Semi-Finals / Final Four (Day 4):

The Semi-Finals games will take place at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M.


Finals (Day 5):

The 3rd place consolation match and Finals will both be played on Day 5 of the event at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. respectively.