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The show is called ‘Timescape Of The City’ and revolves around two dancers, lovers, trying to blossom and grow in a city full of wonder and breathless energy but where the daily noise and grind of life can keep even the most devoted apart.  Can these two ever be together in a city of Dreams?’
This unique theatrical event fuses installation art with performance craft and will allow audiences to enter the ‘fourth wall’ of theatre and discover a fascinating story based on their own journey of discovery. The experience is devised by students and represents their emerging creativity and enthusiasm for a new type of theatrical production. We hope you will support their learning journey as evidenced in this work.
Worldwide, theatre audiences have been demanding of new work, new stories told in ways that present new spectacle and imagination. The TEA School’s emerging next generation of scenographers and video, lighting and sound artists have joined forces with the School of Dance to offer a powerful new experience in story-telling. Immersive theatre upends the notion of merely sitting passively in the dark, gazing at a stage. In our Immersive production the audience is free to roam about and experience the action as it happens all around them. This innovative new production finds it’s ‘stage’ in the wonderfully chic Ovolo Hotel Southside, a former warehouse lavishly brought to life as a place where literally anything can happen. Supporting this production allows Ovolo Hotels to support the work of the APA and the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts.