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Join Tai Kwun Contemporary for our Family Day! We will have gallery activities and family workshops. Join Tai Kwun Contemporary for a fun Family Day, where we’ll be hosting a range of gallery activities and children workshops. All our activities are designed to welcome 1 parent/guardian participating together with 1 child (5+ years). Register now! Come spend the day with us and learn about art! Family Tour and Workshop “Bubble Blowing Nose” 11am-1pm Family Tour and Workshop “The Ping-Pong Friends” 3pm-5pm More Information Family Tour: Family Tour consists of guiding participants through artworks including performances, installations, videos based on the exhibition. Participants will be fully engaged in the artwork through interactive discussions and visual references in the form of an in-depth tour guided booklet. 

“Bubble Blowing Nose” Workshop: To make a bubble blowing pipe in the shape of a nose with copper wire. This surreal nose can be wearing on participant’s face, then children can use a long nose to dip soapy water and blow bubbles, challenging their illustrative skills and imagination. 

“The Ping-Pong Friends” Workshop: Cut out two countries on the world map and use them as patterns to make wooden Ping-Pong bats. After completion, children can play a two-player game and become players of that country. Pass the ball and praise each other at the same time. Children can understand each other and become friends through the activity. 

Tickets $80 per time slot | Family Pair (one adult with one child) Please register and pay