Toro y Moi "What For?" Asia Tour - Live In Hong Kong

Opening band : Arms and Sleepers w/

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《 Bedroom Music to Chillwave pro - Toro y Moi 》

Having rocked on stages like Coachella, Glastonbury, Hidden Agenda is proud to present you Toro y Moi Live in HK 2016. 

Toro y Moi, stage name for Chaz Bundick, is one of the most sought-after chillwave artist & producer. Within 5 years since he released his creations under the name of Toro y Moi online, he has been working on his music both seriously and interestingly. Listening his songs are like exploring the possibilities of sound samples, and they always bring you a very excited music experience.If you are looking something fun and creative, You must not miss the name Toro y Moi.

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is the music duo Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic. The group was formed in 2006 and has since released 18 albums and EPs, in addition to numerous tours of Asia, Europe and North America. For more information, please visit


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