Neil MacKay: Total Teaching Workshop

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Total Teaching
Many students have learning needs but very few have formal labels and this can be a challenge for teachers. Neil’s presentation is based on his latest book “Total Teaching” and he will show how to identify and adjust for students who will benefit from being taught as if they are slightly dyslexic, slightly autistic or have a touch of ADHD. He will also identify three key issues for these students:
• Can’t seem to remember from one moment to the next
• Comprehension better than fluency or fluency better than comprehension
• Talks a good narrative but struggles to get it down on paper
Participants will be introduced to practical, classroom strategies that can be put in place the following day.
Neil MacKay
Neil MacKay is a freelance consultant and trainer who created the concept of Dyslexia Friendly Schools He is an experienced teacher who has taught for 26 years, working with children with a wide range of ages, needs and ability. He is known for his ability to bring the classroom into his training and for providing lively, entertaining and thought provoking opportunities for teachers and teaching assistants to reflect on and develop their practice. His audiences particularly appreciate his ability to offer workable responses to a range of learning needs, including AD(H)D, Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia in ways which meet diverse learning needs without affecting the work of the rest of the class.