Twin Cities / Twin Cinema

Sat 4th Nov.
03:30 PM
Sat 4th Nov.
04:30 PM
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
2 Caine Lane, Mid-Levels, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a cinematic city: picture the neo-noir neon of Blade Runner and the stylised longing of Wong Kar-wai’s early works. Singapore is a city of form: rigidly planned, with a citizenry cultured to conform. The juxtaposition of these rival, twinned cities inspires twin cinema, a poetic form in two skyscraper-like columns that can be read vertically or horizontally. Editors Tammy Ho Lai-Ming and Joshua Ip will introduce Twin Cities, the first collection of twin cinema poetry in the world. They will be joined by contributors, both established and emergent, from each city.

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