Underground 112

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What better way to kick start a brand new year than with the pumping energy of fresh young blood of talent in the city? We're back at old favourite Backstage Live on Jan 18th, with a new twist - this time, we'll be looking at the next generation of independent music with our youth-focused show.
These peeps may not have been kicking around in the music scene - or on this planet, for that matter - for long, but their abilities to stir some heat up are not to be underestimated. First up is shoegazing, noise-playing Murmur, leading us to plunge headfirst into a world of dreamy melodies. Carseat 卡位, with a music legacy of over 10 years and 40 songs, are the veterans of the night, being an inspiration with their firm and unfaltering belief in music and - uh - alcohol.
To round up the night is Hydroscope, who seeks to be a platform for their audience to relieve the stress of everyday-life with their groovy and upbeat tunes of funk and indie rock. Whether you're a head-bobbing, angst-filled teenager, a nostalgic soul wondering what kids these days are up to, or just someone looking for a night of good music, there'd be something for you at Underground 112. See you there!