Yu Gong Yi Shan

YUGONGYISHAN, a Beijing classsssic!

YugongYishan is : a chinese proverb about a foolish man who wants to remove a mountain and who succeeds in it!

Yugongyishan from 2004 to 2007: was a tiny live house located in a parking lot accross the Worker’s stadium in Beijing, capital city! The venue was awarded best live house by That’s Beijing in 2005, 2006, 2007. It’s been a platform for local and international bands and party labels in an area predominated by mega discos and green lasers.
In july 2007 the bulldozers of the forthcoming Olympics have rolled over the place and torned it down. We had a big demollition celebration that night where everybody was dancing on the ruins!
In september 2007: Yugongyishan rose from its ashes and celebrated its re opening in a much bigger place right in the heart of Dongcheng district. Now located in former Ruifu lounge (Pingan Avenue) in the beautifull courtyard of Duanqirui governement and after a big face lift , the venue now owns a 500 m2 surface,a 500 to 700 people capacity, a 5 meters wide stage and a brand new sound system (meyer sound).
Yugongyishan is ready to rock!!

Zhang Zizhong Road 3-2
Dongcheng district, Beijing, China

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