Old Bailey

Old Bailey is a new Jiangnan restaurant from Yenn Wong’s JIA Group, found in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong’s new centre for the arts. Thoughtfully created, Old Bailey exists as an authentic home for Jiangnan* food and tradition, carefully encased in a Herzog de Meuron space that’s been brought to fruition with the assistance of local talents Adonian Chan (Trilingua), Mina Park (Sook) and Nana Chan (Teakha).

In the restaurant, Head Chef Wong Gwan Man, brings to present day Hong Kong, authentic Jiangnan food that is delicately balanced. So too, an exquisite Shanghainese dim sum programme, that includes not one, but three takes on the beloved Xiaolongbao. The menu paints a tale of place and time, but so too of produce and the people who deliver beautiful things to the kitchen.

At Old Bailey, we steer clear of preservatives and additives where we can. Over 80% of our vegetable buy is organic, our meats are diligently selected, while our pickles and fermented condiments are house and handmade. Sections of our menu were created just for vegetarians and vegans, making us a strong and unexpected contender for one of Hong Kong’s best vegetarian restaurants.

With an outdoor terrace overlooking Tai Kwun, Central, SoHo and the Mid Levels, Old Bailey offers unseen views of Hong Kong. Our all day lounge opens from 12 noon, serving a beautiful selection of teas, coffees cakes, cocktails and more - an ideal place to call into, when exploring Tai Kwun.

*With “Jiang” being the Chinese word for the Yangtze River and “nan” meaning south, the Jiangnan region encapsulates the varied cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou and others lying south of the river.

2/F JC Contemporary
Tai Kwun, Old Bailey Street
Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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