WangWen 'The Invisible City' Live in Hong Kong 2018

Event Closed

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As China's leading post rock band, Wang Wen is also one of the most esteemed and diligent bands that enjoy international reputation in overseas music scene. In the year of 1999,Wang Wen started in Dalian, a northern harbor city of China. So far the band has released nine full long albums including , , , , , ,, and . Among them, were both released overseas in vinyl. And also published a vinyl book called in 2017, have 33P pics and 4 10' vinyl and live DVD inside. Wang Wen has also cooperated with well-renowned Sweden post rock band Pg.Lost and co-released a vinyl album of .  

Wang Wen’s music narrates stories of their inward journey, sometimes gentle and joyful, sometimes bitter and mournful. Wang Wen has went through hundreds of live shows, including three tours to Europe, several international music festivals and same stage performances with great bands like Mogwai and Mono. These live experiences made Wang Wen a unique and charming live band. Since then, Wang Wen has received wide attention from both Chinese and overseas fans, and has grown to be the most prominent instrumental band in China.