Guided Tour: "Yee I-Lann: Until We Hug Again" with Executive Director Takahashi Mizuki

at CHAT, The Mills

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The HKU Museum Society is delighted to organise a guided tour of Yee I-Lann: Until We Hug Again at CHAT. We will be guided by Takahashi Mizuki, the Executive Director.

Yee I-Lann: Until We Hug Again

Throughout the exhibition, Yee’s works present her personal journey to reconnect with the communities in Sabah as well as the various forms of resilience of her collaborators, who have overcome many difficult challenges as a result of modernisation and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond introducing a postcolonial representation of Sabah, her works in the exhibition will also speak about solidarity, compassion and humour, which are persistent themes in her artistic practice.

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The University of Hong Kong Museum Society