Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival 2017

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Crazy Characters Workshop

Learn how to draw characters real enough to walk off the page! Award-winning illustrator Sarah Davis has collaborated with Sue Whiting on Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Jennifer Poulter on Mending Lucille and Anna Bradford on The Violet Mackerel Series. Join Sarah in this interactive workshop for the chance to create expressive animal characters with real personalities!


Greta von Gerbil & Her Really Large Lexicon

Blair Reeve is back with his second book for children, the comical narrative Greta von Gerbil & Her Really Large Lexicon. Greta is a tiny little rodent with a really large vocabulary and when she strolls around Rodentville using lots of big words, her fellow townsfolk feel insecure. A pair of chipmunks decides to steal her thesaurus, but just before they can destroy it, the local gangsters think of a cunning plan. Find out what happens next as Blair leads us in this interactive word battle!

The Year of the Rooster

Rickshaw is a proud, vain and extremely noisy rooster living in the backstreets of 1920s Shanghai. When the Annual Race along the famous Bund is announced, winning is a matter of national pride for the contestants representing Shanghai’s international Concessions. But Rickshaw Rooster has other ideas! Will the foreigners win again, or will a local hero carry the day? Don’t miss this storytelling session with the much-loved Sarah Brennan.