Born in late 2003, Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian soon made a big enough name for themselves that by the onset of 2005, they were opening for scene legends Mono. Made up of members Philip Jamieson (guitars, keyboards, samples), Calvin Joss (guitar, glockenspiel), Chris Friedrich (bass), and — since 2007 — Erin Burke-Morgan (drums) (who replaced original skinsman Joe Vickers) Caspian released their first EP, You Are the Conductor, in late 2005. That was followed by a handful of regional and national tours, culminating in a deal with Dopamine Records, who would then release the group's first full-length endeavor, The Four Trees, in 2007. Their second LP, Tertia, saw the light of day in the latter half of 2009.

Caspian is as the band said for themselves: Nobody sings. Most of the time we play heavy, other times quite soft. We always try to play with heart.

Since 2006, Caspian have performed over 500 concerts, bringing their music to 30+ countries stretching over 3 continents.

After three years, Caspian come again with their music to Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda. Let's drown in Caspian's sound! You will find yourself achieving the same fundamental effects in your soul as coming up for air has on the body.