Comedy Night @ Social Room ft Maitreyi Karanth




The best and brightest comedians in Hong Kong return to the Social Room!

Featuring Maitreyi Karanth, Cassi Thomas, Mary Ng, Rose Rage, and Nina McGrath!


Maitreyi Karanth an actor, producer took up stand-up comedy as just an extension of her real life persona, at the age of 44. Being married and having lived outside India for 22 years, first in the Middle East and now in Hong Kong, she has collected a treasure chest of funny experiences across different geographies and cultures.

After her very second open mic she was spotted by Saurabh Pant who was then touring Hong Kong and asked to open for him. Since then she has opened for Tom Cotter, Gina Yashere, Atul Khatri, Amit Tandon, Tom Rhodes, Paul Ogatta and Sean Patton. She has also performed in Bangkok, Singapore and India as a featured comedian, and starred in the film My Indian Boyfriend (2021)


Founder of Chaotic Hong Kong Expats, Cassi FM chooses not to use her real last name because her family are already ashamed of her enough. Born and raised a Hong Kong "gwai mui", Cassi's number one interest in life is a bar in Lan Kwai Fong called Stormies. Other interests include ranting to people on a range of issues that that pretty much always fall on deaf ears such as: Hong Kong politics, feminism and the correct way to eat hairy crab. She can be seen around town performing stand up comedy or on one of her hit web shows, You Can't Sit With Us or Excuse My English and is usually being mobbed by a crowd of adoring fans.

In her spare time, Cassi enjoys making memes about english teachers on the internet. Cassi is a Hong Kong local though you wouldn't be able to tell it looking at her face and ability to wield an umbrella without poking out someones eyes. Her comedy style has been reviewed in quotes such as "abrasive" and "i wasn't aware there was even a show going on" and "that girl seemed really sad".


Rose Rage has been doing comedy in Hong Kong since what seems like the beginning of time, but is actually only 13 years or so, mostly in pants. She’s a founding member of People’s Liberation Improv, and has performed with them in Beijing, Seoul, Manila, Macau, and Hong Kong, in pants. Although she never won, she was a finalist in TakeOut Comedy’s Funniest Person competition and has opened for Paul Ogata and Tom Cotter, in pants.

Recently she decided to shake things up a bit and do standup without pants, but the horrified reaction of the audience led her to believe that performing in a dress would be… better. She hasn’t actually been on TV, but has watched more than nine programmes, both with and without pants

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