presents: Currylicious


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Roll up your sleeves, get comfortable and bring on the hot Basmati rice, fill your plate and begin your curry journey! It's all about the curries this Saturday. 7 favourites to tantalize and fully satisfy your curry cravings. Chicken Paratel, Lamb Karahi, Crab Curry and more. Signature Relishes - 3 flavours of chutneys and Dessert as well. $68 per pax.

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Your Hosts
Chris and Rose began Relish, a private dining experience to share their love for cooking, art and entertaining. Chris was a entrepreneur. He plays the carnatic flute, tabla and Chinese musical instruments. He is passionate about his collection of Tibetan Tankas, Tribal art, antiques, unique jewelry and crystals. Every piece has a story, which will unravel over food and a tour around their home. Chris is an expert in antiques and has sourced and bought beautiful and rare works of art for his clients. Rose is a television producer and loves creating events that combine art and entertainment with food. Together they have helped decorate homes of friends, buying the right art piece and fitting it perfectly into their homes. They believe everything should be relished and savoured. Chris’ culinary journey began when he was a student in the London School of Economics. His flair for cooking has deepened over the years and more recently he has revived some of his and Rose’s family recipes, including their signature Chicken Paratel dish which was Rose’s mother’s very special recipe. Their curated dining experiences are personal with a delicious spread of family recipes and international cuisine. For intimate groups, Chris might play the tabla and flute and even show guests how to play these ancient instruments. Whether it is a cooking class, a private dining affair or a themed party with entertainment for a larger group, you can be sure every experience would leave you with a special memory.