Moxi Zishi Live in HK 2015




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Moxi Zishi is an Yi (彝族)musician based in Beijing, who recently released the first album <原野> (The Wilderness). The whole ...album is written in Yi language. Moxi also participated in soundtrack production for movies and dramas.

The work of Moxi is mostly described as folk music or world music, though some rock and experimental elements can be detected. The producer & guitar Li Ping once was the sound engineer for <萬能青年旅店>(Omnipotent Youth Society) and 竇唯also participated in the production of <原野>(The Wilderness) due to their previous cooperation.

Moxi got 2nd place when competing in the nationwide TV program Song of China in early 2014, and his Ethnic Yi Minority song "Ajielo" was widely spread after 吉克雋逸's performance in Voice of China in 2012. Moxi is one of the six folk musician invited for a compilation named <自由之聲──當代民謠合集> in memory of talented writer萧红 , among which works of小河 and 周雲蓬 are included.

Moxi Zishi has performed in Midi Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, Simple Life Festival, COART and several other influential music festivals. Moxi’s band is currently on a nationwide tour over 10 cities.

/ Tjoe Man Cheung /
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Tjoe is a Hong Kong based emerging musician. He is a favoured sideman in the Pop scene, a talented Jazz guitarist, a proficient arranger and composer.

Early life_He grew up in Hong Kong and started to play guitar at 19. At the very beginning he played a lot of American Rock, Motown and Funk Music like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Mr Big, AC/DC etc.

Tjoe has been doing many other music projects. He joined a gypsy jazz group Gadjo Station led by Antoine Richard; he formed a guitar duo with Tim Lau by playing lots of jazz standard and pop tunes back to 60s-80s; he plays live gigs regularly with Pam Chung for their experimental project Dai Yan Gi Yum Odd (大人之音樂).


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