I Am Waiting For You Last Summer



/ I Am Waiting For You Last Summer / (or IAWFYLS)
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer is a Russian band which creates music at the junction of electronic, post-rock, dubstep and ambient genres. In 2011, the band became one of the residents of the indie label Flowers Blossom In The Space and released their debut studio album “Edge Party” in April 2012. Since that they have been experimenting with both the rhythmical outline of their compositions and the mood of the music. But still they manage to maintain their own recognizable music style. I Am Waiting For You Last Summer went in a tour with a post-rock band The American Dollar, played at the best festivals of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev with the universally recognized masters such as 65daysofstatic, Emika, Husky Rescue, Maybeshewill etc. In 2013 band released their second album "In Eternal Lines" wich was high rated as a unique and epic LP and goes on tour to more than 70 towns in Russia, Ukraine an Belorussia with number of sold outs. One of the band members (Alex Sokolov) is known to write music for Marvel movie trailers and TV spots for Captain America Winter Soldier and X-men. Now band preparing a new powerfull live show wich they will represent in Europe and Asia in 2014-2015.

/ Topsy-wave /
Topsy-; somewhere between chaotic and without orders. Topsy-wave, are five members with different characters who are trying to re-shape all the memories, scenes, impressions and the imagination of future in their mind. Without the frames from the traditions and only focus on the sound waves, and staggered from both messy and fluent to show their truest form, which lead to a unique picture. And experimenting without justifications, regardless of success or failure, they will keep moving on.