Mudita x Wonderfruit: Road to Wonderfruit




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Mudita is excited to announce a collaboration with the BIGGEST arts & music festival in Asia, Wonderfruit!

Giving you an EXCLUSIVE preview into the biggest event of this season and set to play at Wonderfruit this December in Thailand, we've got Katsu featuring the Hernandez Brothers with act supported by our resident band Federal & A.R.T. coming to you on November 9th ONLY at Mudita!

FREE ENTRY to the FIRST 150 people to sign up!

At the door: $300 with 2 x drinks

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********* Katsu ********

Katsu is a Manila-born DJ who breathes charisma into her dynamic sets. Her Filipino roots are illuminated through her eclectic selections which span from classic house and deep techno interspersed with disco gems from realms of different world cultures.Her curatorial style and advocacies are recognized through Wonderfruit, Thailand’s premium carbon neutral festival, where she serves as a Director.

Whether she is performing in a warehouse party with the UNKNWN collective or the shores of a secluded island, you can guarantee Katsu will deliver an infectiously pulsating performance. Carefully balanced, Katsu is a storied artist with a bold presence.

IG: @katrinarazon


********* Hernandez Brothers ********

Hernandez Brothers is a drum and percussion du hailing from metro Manila, with purely drums, congas, and other percussion instruments, they serve a fusion of rhythms with flavors of afrobeat, latin, samba, world, funk and rock&roll.

Their palpable and infectious performance is best enjoyed live and raw where audience can’t help but participate in the drumming and dance themselves to ecstacy. The brothers believe that involving the audience can take the performance to truly satisfying and delectable depths collaboration is their creed as the brothers enthusiastically perform alongside DJs and various instrumentalists who fit their style, enterprising in nature, Hernandez Brothers delve into creative projects with visual artists, film makes, performance artists, fashion designers, and music producers to push artistic limited and reach wider audiences.

Having played various festivals in Asia such as WonderFruit (Pattaya, TH), Garden Beats (SG) and Malasimbo (PH), the brothers are relentlessly surging forwards since their debut in 2016. On streets, atop roofs, in art galleries, you name it, Hernandez Brothers will start a craze only they can bestow.


IG: @hernandezbrothersduo