Stabil Elite



Goethe-Institut Hong kong is pleased to present the Hong Kong show of German electronic music group Stabil Elite’s China Tour 2013 with prominent local music live house Hidden Agenda.

After kicking off their China tour in Shenzhen on August 30, Stabil Elite, hailed as “Kraftwerk 2.0”, will give one show in Hong Kong in Hidden Agenda on September 1, followed by four more performances in Beijjing, Chongqing, Chengdu and Shanghai. The tour is initiated by Goethe-Institut (China) and is supported by Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf. In Hong Kong we will have an additional performance by local band A Roller Control in the same evening.

The debut album by the trio Stabil Elite “Douze Pouze” combines glamour and emotion and cosmic transcendence, which is well aware of its musical heritage, yet does not seem overly reflective for even a second. One can immediately hear where this stylish band comes from. Just think of that city on the Rhine, which has become a work of art in itself. Its electronic musical history, which has significantly influenced many styles, from hip hop to techno: Düsseldorf.

The first signal Stabil Elite emitted to the world was in 2009, with the song “Hogan’s Run” that appeared on a compilation by the American label “Mathematics”. Their second music offering, the insistently driving “Kaviar Express”, was released on a vinyl EP by the Chicago-based label. Next, their epic rhythmic journey “Krautkamerad” appeared on a compilation EP by the Düsseldorf DIY label “Themes For Great Cities”, offering some cosmic swing to all those who live out their deepest emotions at night. A preliminary climax came in 2011 with the hit “Gold”, an anthem pressed in limited edition on gold vinyl, which was also the theme song of last year’s C/O Pop Festival in Cologne.