THE GAME SHOP x OVDS x 理化兄弟 Transit AsiaTour 2015






The Game Shop is a Japanese bass music band playing around Asia, by using drum&bass, glitch hop, house sound and putting into their sound in club scene and rock scene.

In 2014 and 2015, they are invited by Asia siesta play in Taiwan, Hong Kong,Malaysia and Singapore. 

In Japan, they have played at some big festivals and when they organized their own event, 300 people came and all tickets were sold out. They made new movement in club scene and rock scene.

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OVDS’s music is a special blend mixed to perfection. Now with many years’ creative experience and touring behind them, the band’s musical depth and stage presence has charted a path of constant upgrade and evolution. Going beyond the limits of rock, OVDS has become a unique and cutting-edge six-member electronic band. Taking Bass Music as the pulse line, the ensemble grooves various combinations of Drum ‘n’Bass, Trap, Electro, Dubstep and other heavy-beat electronic rhythms, infused to the bone with their original rock spirit and overlaid with rap and harmonic duet vocals set to lyrics in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English languages. The confrontation between the dualing vocalists, whose inimitable style each contrastively clashes with that of the other, lends the band a unique, instantly recognizable quality: this is OVDS!


OVDS融合各式電子舞曲與搖滾音樂,於2014年發行首張專輯《HEARTBREAK RESISTANCE》,並展開美國、日本、台灣、香港、大陸等地世界巡迴。

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理化兄弟 (TW)


P.C.B sampling 8 bit sounds and graphic from Nintendo games, creating tracks who's style ranges from Electronic, Techno, DNB to Dubstep. then places the mix on the dancefloor where it becomes not just indie music but electro indie.



當年在玩太空侵略者的無名氏兄弟,因為一道詭異光束被外星人綁架,於是幻化成DJ與 VJ雙人組合,理化兄弟誕生。2010年返回地球,2011年開始常於台灣的地下電音場景做演出。2013年發行了進擊巨人8-bit單曲混音且免費下載,2014年發行了全台首張 8-BIT 舞曲專輯(理化兄弟P.C.B),這一連串的影樂計劃始終從未停歇,就讓理化兄弟喚醒你當年手持的熱血小宇宙吧!


HKD 220 on the door if available