US Immigration by Investment (EB-5)

Singapore, 16 January 2019




The United States’ strong economy, top-tier schools, and its acceptance of diverse cultures lures foreign nationals from all over the world to consider applying for the EB-5 visa. The EB 5 Program is little known, but popular way for foreigners and their immediate family to gain lawful permanent US residency in exchange for placing a minimum of $500,000 capital in an at-risk job-creating new commercial enterprise.

If you or your family members are interested to move to the US and obtain a green card this discussion is for you!

Come and join us in this intimate EB-5 Visa discussion. You will be joined  by a US immigration attorney, a US immigration by investment sponsor (regional center) and a US tax expert. Due to the smaller size of the event it will include extensive time for question and answer and one-on-one interaction with the professionals.

This event is sponsored by CanAm Enterprises.

CanAm is one of the longest standing and most experienced EB-5 investment firms in the USA, with its first regional center designated in 2002. CanAm Enterprises' EB-5 investment track record is second to none, raising more than $2.7 billions EB-5 loans for more than 55 projects. CanAm has repaid $1 billion of capital to their investors, double the amount repaid by the rest of the industry combined. Do not miss out the chance to find out CanAm's exciting projects at this event!