Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Bath



Sound is vibration.

Sound affects our nervous system which in turn affects each and every cell in our bodies.

Singing bowl vibration soothes and calms the nervous system. The vibration travels deep into the body and penetrates into our deepest layers, far beyond our hands can touch.

As our brainwaves attune to the rhythm and frequency of the singing bowls, our body and mind are elevated to the ''alpha'' state, also called relaxed consciousness, and even ''theta'', the deep meditative state.

Come and experience a complete ''inside-out'' rejuvenation, brought to you by the Sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowls!

Instructor - June Lam:

June has been a dedicated Universal Yoga practitioner and teacher since 2007. Fascinated by the sound and power of Tibetan singing bowls for many years, she was finally able to acquire the playing skill in Nepal from the renowned
master Santa Ratna Shakya in 2016. Since then, she combined her two passions, yoga and singing bowls, in her classes to share the benefit of both with people and hope that they can find bliss in them as she did.