Hong Kong's Best British Whisky on show!





The Best of British festival is back showcasing the best British brands that Hong Kong has to offer. This year it’s bigger than ever with the introduction of the Best of British Whisky Experience. 

A Whisky experience like no other; you will be able to enjoy some of the best drams in the world in one of Hong Kong’s most exciting outdoor venues at Tamar Park!

Looking to widen your whisky knowledge or learn what makes an expression so special? Then sign up to one of our many fantastic and educational Masterclasses! Or perhaps you are looking for a Christmas drink inspiration? Head over to out Whisky Cocktail Bar and explore the delicious whisky cocktails our mixologists have created using the best Scotch whisky!

Alternatively, take in the sights of Hong Kong whilst sipping on your favourite drams and mingling with old friends and hopefully new too! The weekend is a great opportunity for whisky enthusiasts to socialize with the whisky brands, brand ambassadors and other whisky lovers.

To ensure that you have the best whisky experience possible, The Best of British Whisky experience will run in 2 sessions:


Friday 15th December
7pm - 11pm

Societies and VIP Night

  • Welcome Cocktail or Drink on Arrival (cocktail/wine/beer)
  • Unlimited Standard Drams
  • 2 Special Drams to be enjoyed in our VIP – you can pick from 10 rare and aged bottles
  • $100 Food Voucher to spend at the Best of British restaurants
  • Masterclass sessions: attend our Introductory Masterclass: “How to Nose & Taste whisky”


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December:

  • Session one- 12pm- 5:00pm
  • Session two- 5:30pm- 11pm



  • 4 VIP drams enjoyed at the SMWS VIP BAR Hosted Safe Bubbles and Malt
  • Unlimited standard drams in the main area
  • X 2 Cocktails of your choice
  • $100 food voucher at Best of British food restaurants
  • $50 discount on Masterclass when buying a ticket (Enter Code: WHISKYMASTER at checkout)
  • Access to SMWS VIP Lounge where you can relax and enjoy your special drams
  • All day access – As a VIP ticket holder, you will not be restricted to the sessions meaning you can come and go throughout the day and enjoy the other activities that the Best of British has to offer
  • Free gift with any whisky bottle purchase in the Whisky and Gin shop



  • Unlimited drams
  • 1 x  Welcome Cocktail at the whisky cocktail bar
  • $50 discount on Masterclass when also buying a ticket (Enter Code: WHISKYMASTER at checkout)
  • Relax and enjoy your drams in the seating area
  • Talk with the brand representatives and discover some new whisky




Unlimited Standard Drams

As part of your entry ticket, participants will be able to enjoy unlimited standard drams from the brands on show whilst learning more about the expressions and distilleries with their representatives!


Whisky Cocktail Bar

Visit our Whisky Cocktail Bar where you can explore and experience the versatility of whisky as the perfect cocktail spirit. There will be a number of different cocktails to choose from using some fantastic Blends and Single Malts that will be showcased at the event over the weekend!


VIP Lounge (VIP ticket holders only)

This year we are partnering with arguably the best Whisky Bar in Hong Kong; Safe Bubbles and Malt to host our VIP Lounge. Not only will there be some rare and interesting expressions for you to try but VIP ticket holders will enjoy 4 whiskies from SMWS and Elements of Islay expressions.

VIP tickets are limited so make sure you get yours fast.



Over the Best of British weekend, we will be hosting a number of informative and fun Masterclasses both educational and brand focused to give you an exciting insight into the world of Scotch!



 (Enter Code: WHISKYMASTER at checkout to receive $50 DISCOUNT) 



“Lost Whisky Legends, forgotten…Until Now”

In the last century nearly half of all Scotland’s whisky distilleries have closed or been lost forever. The Lost Distillery feels it’s a tragedy and so were inspired to create.  Despite being renowned for their excellent quality malts, these distilleries were largely closed through the effects of war and politics. The Lost Distillery Company to rediscover our past pioneers and Scotch whisky legends. In a dynamic tasting you will explore a full range of flavors across Scotch regions and reveal the untold story of Scotch in 19th century Scotland!” These are hand-crafted whiskies steeped in history with an old fashioned taste.


The Lost Distillery- Dalaruan (Campbeltown)

The Lost Distillery- Lossit (Islay)

The Lost Distillery- Stratheden (Lowland)

The Lost Distillery- Towiemore (Speyside)


Carmen Tam, The Lost Distillery Brand Ambassador in Asia will present the classic range from The Lost Distillery Company and exploring the rich history of these by-gone expressions.




Ireland’s First Craft Distillery

The Glendalough Distillery was set up by five friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a deep passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. In the 18th & 19th centuries there were over 200 licensed distilleries in Ireland and along with countless unlicensed ones produced diverse styles of poitín, whiskey, gin and even absinthe.

Until recently that dropped to a small handful. Glendalough Distillery is now part of a revival of this heritage. The idea behind Glendalough Distillery is to make innovative spirits while staying true to the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. 

In this special Masterclass you will be able to try four expressions from Glendalough showcasing alternate cask finishes including 2 single malts brand new to Hong Kong:


Glendalough 7 Year Old Original

Glendalough 7 Year Old (2017 release) Porter Barrel Finish

Glendalough 13 Year Old Original

Glendalough 13 Year Old (2017 release) Mizunara Cask Finish


Paul Gallagher, the Glendalough Brand Ambassador in Hong Kong will present the Glendalough range where he will discuss how a young distillery evolves to meet market demands.




Independent Bottlers- Single Cask

Single Cask whiskies are the purest form of whisky; direct from the barrel to the bottle, each barrel has unique characteristics depending upon the distillery it came from, the barrel the whisky was matured in, and the location and time of maturation. 

You will be present a fantastic range of Independent Bottling’s from Hepburn’s Choice and First Edition’s produced by Hunter Laing who create some of the best IB expressions in the world! In this Masterclass you will discover what makes Single Cask whiskies special and uncover what to look for in a particular expression. You will also receive a fantastic introduction to Independent Bottlers, what they are and how they are different to standard distillery expressions:


Hepburn’s Choice, Benrinnes 9 Year Old Quarter Cask

Hepburn’s Choice, Caol Ila 5 Year Old Single Cask

First Edition’s Glenrothes 20 Year Old Cask Strength

First Edition’s Laphroaig 16 Year Old Cask Strength


John Rhodes is an importer of specialist cask whiskies from Scotland and co-founder of the HK Whisky Festival. He is also the exclusive agent of Glencairn Whisky glassware in Asia.




'The Spirit of Dublin'

The Teeling Whiskey Company was founded in 2012 to revive the old Teeling family trademark of Irish whiskey and bring craft distilling back to the City of Dublin. Lead by Jack and Stephen Teeling, the Teeling Whiskey Company has quickly become the leading progressive Irish whiskey company by driving category choice and innovation through a selection of unique handcrafted small batch Irish whiskeys.

In this special Masterclass you will be able to sample and explore three different styles of Irish whiskey and an Irish Poitín:


Teeling Small Batch blended whiskey

Teeling Single Grain

Teeling Single Malt

Teeling Spirit of Dublin Poitín


Guy Horan, Asia brand ambassador for the Teeling Whiskey Company, will introduce you to the Dublin's first new distillery in 125 years and discuss the revival of the Irish whiskey category.




Award Winning Aberlour  “Made from Experience”

Aberlour single malt whisky is named after where it’s made. It means ‘the mouth of the chattering burn’ in Gaelic, and this wild mountain stream is part of the Aberlour story. Cascading down over mossy waterfalls and through wooded glens, its constant chatter can be heard as it flows past the distillery to join the Spey at Aberlour.

This VIP Masterclass will showcase the unique skills it takes to achieve the perfect balance of Aberlour single malts showcasing their multi-layered complexity. Discover four different expressions of Aberlour:


Aberlour 12 years old

Aberlour 16 years old

Aberlour 18 years old

Aberlour A’Bunadh


Cecilia Wong, a certified Whisky Ambassador will present the Aberlour range on behalf of Pernod Ricard where she will discuss the history of this distillery and what gives it its unique character.




The Glenlivet “The Original Speyside Malt”

One of the worlds’ most recognised Scotch whisky, The Glenlivet is a supremely elegant whisky of rewarding and subtle complexity. Famous for both its fascinating history and consistently high quality expressions, this is a distillery that just keeps on giving. In this special Masterclass, you will be able to taste and explore four of The Glenlivet’s iconic Single Malt Whiskies:


The Glenlivet 12 years old

The Glenlivet 15 years old

The Glenlivet 18 years old

The Glenlivet Nadurra year old


Cecilia Wong, a certified Whisky Ambassador will present the Glenlivet range on behalf of Pernod Ricard where she will discuss the history of this distillery and what gives it its unique character.




“An Introduction to Scotch Whisky”

This Introduction to Scotch Whisky Tasting is for newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Whisky is on the increase around the world with more and more distilleries opening each year; but in order to truly understand whisky we have to go back to where it all started; Scotland.

A back to basics tasting; this introduction to Scotch Whisky Tasting takes a look at an exciting range of Scottish whiskies which tell the story of Scotch Whisky's colorful evolution. We will uncover Scotch Whiskies secrets growing from an illicit and often untamed spirit to the celebrated and world-renowned golden liquor we know today.

In this special Masterclass we cover some of the key whisky producing regions which each, in their own merit, exude a wide spectrum of aromas and flavours born and shaped from the land the distilleries occupy. We will also cover the origins, production, and the maturation processes to gain an understanding of how the golden liquid ends up in our glasses.




“Exploring the Scotch Whisky Regions"

A unique and back to basics concept; this Taste of Scotland Whisky Tasting takes in an exciting and eclectic range of Scottish whiskies from the different regions which help tell the story of Scotch Whisky’s evolution from an illicit and often untamed spirit to the celebrated, world-renowned and bourgeoning industry we know today.

In this special Masterclass we will taste a whisky from each of the key whisky producing regions and explore what make them so different from another as shaped by their terroir and regional characteristics. Each Scottish region, in their own merit, exudes a wide spectrum of aromas and flavours born and shaped from the land the distilleries occupy.


Lowland- Glenkinchie 12 Year old

Speyside- Glenfarclas 18 Year Old

Islay- Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Highlands- Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year OId