2018 – Lijiang Yunnan Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon


2018 – Lijiang Yunnan Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon (April 6-8, 2018)

Early-bird special: before DEC 10, 2017

US $800 (approx. HKD $6,250)

Phase 1: DEC 11 – JAN 31, 2018

US $890 (approx. HKD $6,950)

Phase 2: FEB 1 – MAR 18, 2018

US $950 (approx. HKD $7,420)

Late fee price: MAR 19, 2018 – APR 1, 2017

US $1,050 (approx. HKD $8,200)

For AAE VIP who have participated at least one oversea's 3 day event from June 2016 until now, you can enjoy a 10% off discount rate to enter 2018 Lijiang Yunnan Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon. Please contact
payment@actionasiaevents.com to get the registration code.


*Discount valid until Nov 30, 2017.

Multiple Person gift voucher

Please note that you will receive a HKD $500 Action X Store gift voucher (per person) as a BONUS, if two people register and PAY for your race registration at the same time (which is defined as within 24 hours of each other).

Charity Donation

Please note that your registration fee includes a $100 RMB donation to Action Asia Foundation (AAF). AAF will then make a donation on behalf of the event (and it’s participants) which will be used towards providing school supplies in the local village. Please note that there is an option to provide an additional donation; and details of this can be found when completing the entry form.


For further information about the event, including what is included in the registration price, please click on this link: http://www.actionasiaevents.com/our-events/upcoming-events/2018-lijiangaa/overview.html